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Pastor’s Notes

Church: What, Why, and How?

Ever think Church was a waste of time?

Do you think Church is a required event for salvation?

Maybe you are one of those folks who think Church is outdated since there are plenty of preachers on radio and TV.  Maybe you have no real idea why we have Church or why anyone should go to church?  How about this – does denomination matter? What does the Bible say about church and the behavior of the Church?

Beginning this Sunday we will spend the next three weeks talking about the ‘What, Why and How’ of Church, according to the Bible, and I think you might be surprised.  Worst yet, if we used that measure for Church found in the Bible, we might be very disappointed at our Church evaluation score.

Join Us every Sunday as we challenge our Church to be more like the true Church described in the Bible as we grow our parish in ministry and members.

A.C.T.S. and Kairos Prison Ministry Team will be using the Church this Saturday so you will see a lot of cars in and out.  WE are fortunate to have a Kairos team at Dorsey and to see our Amazing Christian Teens in Service.

A.C.T.S. will meet at 2pm to go to two different locations to do mission work.  We will return at 5pm for dinner provided by Donna Benzing along with a guest speaker who will share his testimony of growing up in a less than perfect situation – from soldier and war, to a severe car accident and now cancer – all while living a life trusting Jesus.  He is also a youth leader at Celebration Church in Columbia for their group called W.I.N.D.  Don’t miss our meeting and dinner and bring a friend to hear Donovan share his testimony.



Kairos @ Dorsey Thursday – Saturday

A.C.T.S. Saturday 2-6:30

Sunday Worship – Wesley 10am, Dorsey 11am, Lorien 2pm

Wednesday – Howard County AGAST 7pm Owen Brown Interfaith Center



Wesley Chapel needs money and or school supply donations right away for two back packs at Jessup Elementary

Dorsey Emmanuel needs prayer boxes filled for teachers at Ducketts Lane Elementary

Pastor has a homeless situation that he often needs food and money for a room.



Bob J., Naomi, Dan S., Charles O., Clifton, Jessica, Bill W., Wendy M., Ann M., A.C.T.S., Children’s Ministry, Hungry Baby Mission, our partner schools


Make church happen in your neighborhood!


Summer Fun and Outreach

It’s been fun to see pictures of our members and friends on vacation posted on Facebook, but wouldn’t it be interesting if we either brought pictures to Church for a bulletin board or have you share them on the Church Facebook pages.  Your family vacation could be shared by sending pictures to Verna or Rick and we can add them to our Facebook page.

As for the Outreach and Mission pictures at present only A.C.T.S. has those pictures.  What can we do about it?  Send us your picture when you participate in mission or when you share the story of our parish with someone else not already attending our churches.

In addition you could help us plan an OUTREACH Activity like free bottles of water at the local sports park, conduct a prayer walk in your neighborhood, have your neighbors to an ice tea, iced coffee or hot coffee or movie night  get together. Your imagination is the only limit and you can always Team Up with another family.  Remember we have a great fire pit in the Prayer Garden at Dorsey.

A.C.T.S. Calendar

  • August 5 Boating Morning @ Centennial Park – Meet at Dorsey 10am
  • August 19 Mission Day and Dinner Meeting – Meet at Dorsey 2pm

Check out our new Facebook Page!



  • Sunday July 23
    •    Worship @ Wesley 10am
    •    Worship @ Dorsey 11am
    •    Worship @ Lorien Elkridge 2pm
  • Monday July 24- July 28 Pastor at Seminary
  • Wednesday July 26 Howard County AGAST Meeting 7pm
  • Monday Aug. 7 – Friday Aug 11 VBS @ Dorsey 6-8:30 pm


VBS, Children’s Ministry Team, Wesley Chapel Leadership Team, A.C.T.S., Naomi, Margaret B., Justin O., Cheryl S. family, Lois F., Frank and Arlene, Roy and Betty, Charles and Eleanor, Tammie and family


  • How are you living out your faith?
  • Invited anyone to church?
  • Invited anyone to VBS?
  • Volunteered to work with VBS?
  • Encouraged anyone to join A.C.T.S.?
  • Made a new relationship in your community?
  • Decided to join a house group?
  • Decided to lead a house group?
  • Volunteered for the church audit team, serve Holy Communion, lead worship, PREACH?
  • Thought about baptism or church membership?


Let’s work and worship together to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!


See you in church and church can happen ANYWHERE!

**Songs of Summer Sunday Sermon for July 23Great Are You Lord!**

Guest or Member?

On Pentecost, Sunday June 4, we will be receiving NEW Members into our parish.  Some are coming in by letter of transfer from another United Methodist Congregation.  Some are coming from other denominations and, hopefully, some of the new members will be making the decision to join the Dorsey Emmanuel/Wesley Chapel Parish because they have decided that just doing church is not enough to continue on the path to true discipleship in Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in transferring membership you need to contact the United Methodist church where you were confirmed or last held membership and they will send a letter to me at the church address and we will then receive you on the 4th.

If you are in one of the other two categories I will be holding a new member instruction class on Sunday May 21, 2017 6:00-8:00 pm at Wesley Chapel to discuss what it means to be a member of the church versus a guest and to offer you the opportunity to discuss theological differences that may or may not agree with your beliefs.

You need to let the Pastor know if you are interested in becoming a member so I can prepare accordingly.

Membership is a big step in your decision to be a disciple versus a guest and, if transferring, is a statement of your commitment to the ministry of our parish.



PARENTS with students A.C.T.S. age PLEASE show them the activity schedule in the last newsletter and add the dates to your calendar to be supportive of your young adult being involved in growing their faith and discipleship.  Being a Christian parent means to value raising a Christian family.

REMINDER – Pastor is preparing for school and is spending a lot more time in the home office preparing assignments so if you or someone you know is in need of a visit or contact please let the Pastor know.  If it is someone you know remember that we have one pastor but many ministers and and your call or visit is just as valuable if not more so.


Check out the Announcement Sheet, Facebook, or our Website for special events on our calendar.


THIS SUNDAY is Mother’s Day and Wesley Chapel has professional photographer coming to take FREE family portraits after worship so invite the entire family for a special Mother’s Day Photo Op.  The event will continue until after the worship ends at Dorsey so ALL families in the parish can take advantage of this opportunity.  For those new to Dorsey Emmanuel our sister church Wesley Chapel is less than 10 minutes from Dorsey and there will be refreshments.

FINALLY, A.C.T.S. (Amazing Christian Teens in Service) have applications for yard and house work for those in need and will work on at least one location every month beginning in June.  If you or someone you know is need of this kind of mission outreach please ask one of the A.C.T.S. leaders or members for an application which must be returned by June 1 so we can review them and schedule them.  A.C.T.S. is a four church youth ministry so apply early.  And yes, when we are doing projects we will take all additional help once the schedule is posted.


See you Sunday!


Holy Week and Easter Celebration

It was a great Holy Week and Easter Celebration!  Let’s not let it go!

On Holy Thursday we shared worship with Melville Chapel, Harwood Park and Wesley Chapel at Dorsey Emmanuel.  After a nice meal about 30 of us joined in worship and Holy Communion led by Pastor Joanna from Melville Chapel, Pastor Rick from Dorsey/Wesley, CLM Verna Prehn from Dorsey/Wesley and the choir from Melville Chapel joined by members of the Dorsey choir.

On Good Friday over 35 members and guests of the same four churches joined in worship at Wesley Chapel this time led by Pastor Cynthia Belt from Mt. Zion/Harwood Park, Pastor Rick and numerous lay people from all of the churches.

On Saturday Dorsey Emmanuel held the Annual Easter Egg Hunt attended many kids and adults.  We had some great community business sponsors:  Texas Road House Restaurant in Pasadena donated 100 filled eggs, certificates for free food and special recognition which we will also use during our VBS.  We also are very thankful for Frank’s Produce partnership for the fruit and Weis Markets for their food donations.

Please take time to stop by these business and patronize them and, even more important, tell them thank you and that you are from Dorsey Emmanuel.

Saturday evening also celebrated ice cream, fun, devotion, and business with the new Amazing Christian Teens in Service (A.C.T.S.) as we planned out our spring and summer fun and mission calendar.  If you know a middle school or high school student then ask them to join the rest of us as we continue to grow and oh yea get a real cool black and neon T-Shirt.

Community Easter Son Rise was again an enjoyable worship as we shared with Jessup Baptist, Payne AME, and all four of our United Methodist Churches. 

Resurrection Sunday Worship at Wesley and Dorsey was celebrated by over 130 people and our final worship service of the day was at Lorien Nursing and Rehab Center in Elkridge and we shared with a dozen residents and their families.  One couple in particular was very thankful for our ministry.

So why stop now?  Sunday we asked you to see the cross through our own eyes and we highlighted that the message of the cross required Sacrifice, Commitment, Service and Cost.  As with all of God’s Covenants we are called to fulfill our end of the covenant so let’s grow together each Sunday, Tuesday Night Small Group, A.C.T.S. Ministry, Our Daily Bread Mission Team or any aspect of our joining together as the Body of Christ.


This Sunday (4/23) we begin a sermon series entitled “Empty” and before you feel too down and out realize that “empty” is often the feeling one has particularly after a high worship time like Holy Week and Easter. But this feeling is often present in our lives and some think Christians just shouldn’t feel this way so how do we get out of the empty feeling?

This Sunday we acknowledge and Discuss that “Sometimes My Life Feels Empty” even after Easter.


April 30 will focus on “Sometimes Our Earth is Empty” as Earth Day will have just passed.

May 7 will focus on “Sometimes My Checkbook is Empty” as many of us try to plan our finances for the summer or our children’s schooling in the fall.

May 14 (Mother’s Day) closes the series with “Sometimes My Marriage/Family is Empty” since this day is celebrated in the United Methodist Church as Mother’s day and Celebration of the Christian Home.

On this day there will be several family celebrations not the least of which will be FREE Family Portraits at Wesley Chapel.  Maybe it has been awhile since your family had a true family photo together so invite the whole family to church and after worship join us for coffee and we will have a photographer ready to take your family photo.


As I close the message today we continue to ask prayers for those who are grieving as today we lay to rest another beloved long time member of our parish.  At 2pm today we will celebrate the life of Juanita Shipley at Kaufman’s Vermillion Funeral Chapel.



Saturday April 22 – Earth Day. If you’ve never seen the Rain Garden at Dorsey Emmanuel go over and check it out.

Tuesday April 25 – Life Bread resumes Small Groups @ Dorsey Emmanuel 6:15 meal, 7 pm groups

Thursday April 27 Church Council @ Dorsey Emmanuel 7pm

Thursday May 4 – Governor’s National Day of Prayer @ Navy Marine Corps Stadium


Prayers – Kevin F., Charles and Eleanor, Leon E., Naomi and Bob, Lois F., Shipley family, Margaret B., Almeda D., Carol B., all of the names on our published prayer list, A.C.T.S. Ministry, Hungry Baby Ministry, Gloria our AOET sponsor child.


Let’s make disciples for the transformation of the world!  TOGETHER!


Pastor’s Note

This Sunday we begin discussing the Seven Deadly Sins:


These seven deadly sins were taught by the ancient church and have been part of the catechism of several denominations.  We will look at a little history but a lot of what the Bible says about how these seven sins fit into our lives in 2015.  Lent begins Feb. 18 Ash Wednesday which begins a period in the Christian calendar when we focus on repenting of our sins so we grow closer in our relationship with Jesus.  Plan on joining in worship Ash Wednesday at Wesley at 7pm.

This week we have several of our friends and church family in need of additional prayers.  Last night Carolyn Brooks from our Dorsey family was admitted to Howard County General and is still there for blood pressure concerns but no cause has yet to be found.  Cheryl Smith and her husband Smitty from our Wesley family need prayer as Smitty is recovering from surgery.  In addition Cheryl’s former father in law Mitch Frye died today and her sons and former husband can use our prayer and support.  Marvin Bladen is improving at Sunrise and Dot Scruggs is recovering from the flu.

Special thanks to the trustees at both churches as we continue to enhance your worship experience by
improved and more efficient lighting at Wesley and a great survey of facility improvements at Dorsey.

See you Sunday in worship!

Pastor’s Note

Many of us who grew up in the protestant tradition probably didn’t hear much about the Seven Deadly Sins and their roots in our theology.  Yet those who may have had a different theological upbringing may have heard more than we wanted to about the Seven Deadly Sins

Beginning Sunday Feb. 8 The Dorsey/Wesley Parish will get to discuss all of the Seven Deadly Sins as they relate to our faith walk in 2015.  Each Sunday we will discuss a different one of the Seven Deadly Sins beginning with Pride on Feb. 8.

This Sunday we will end our sermon series “What’s Next?” with a message on “The Power of the Next Steps”, scripture memory, holy communion, baptism, membership, and sharing your testimony.  In the bulletin will be a commitment card to sign-up for instruction for baptism and  membership as your decision to fulfill “What’s Next” in your life.

Last Sunday we had our third dinner and movie night at Wesley Chapel and it has been a long time since I laughed as hard and as long as I did while watching Mom’s Night Out.  What a great comedy with a Christian theme.  If you haven’t joined us for Dinner and Movie Night you should really make it a point to mark your calendar for the next one.

I have heard some exciting ideas arising out of our Leadership U Training session two weeks ago and I am really excited to see several people taking ministry leadership positions for the first time.  The trustees at both churches have jumped into their ministries with both feet.

Wesley Chapel has new energy efficient lighting in the sanctuary and the kitchen.  We are now using as much wattage overall as we were in one light in the sanctuary.  In addition the trustees are taking bids for rest room renovations so we will be more welcoming to visitors and members as well as ADA approved.

Dorsey has created a list of prioritized projects that are being delegated to a variety of individuals thereby creating more ministers with more input into managing our buildings and properties.  Also Donald is scheduling a meeting with the county for final approval on the education building renovations.

W.O.V.E.N. in Christ is another example of the leadership taking charge and creating another opportunity to study God’s Word. 

Check out our Facebook pages here and here to learn more.

Pastor’s Note

This week our parish rolled out another attempt to extend our educational ministries beyond the brick and mortar church by introducing W.O.V.E.N. for Christ Facebook page. On the page one can join the My One Word book study and interact electronically with the other members of the page while receiving instruction from our Certified Lay Minister and the Pastor.

This small group ministry is already exceeding small group status as more than 50 people have signed on and provides a small group study opportunity for women that does not require driving in the snow or the cold. It also allows people of all locations and beliefs to join in study together and support each other in every day life events.

W.O.V.E.N. joins Wesley Chapel’s Website, Wesley Chapel Facebook, Dorsey Emmanuel’s Website, Dorsey Emmanuel Facebook, and our online sermon series connected to the Wesley Chapel website as a part of our “e-ministries”.
If you are unfamiliar with “e-ministries” please contact me and we have folks who will help you become connected to our electronic ministries.

By no means are these ministries intended to replace Sunday Worship, Children’s J.O.Y. Club, Tuesday night Life Bread Small Group Studies, or VBS. All of these ministries are valuable and growing but the 2015 church is a little different than the church in which many of us grew up.

Preston Sprinkle from Eternity Bible College wrote in relevant Magazine last week an article that addresses the way the modern church looks different from the Early Church. Sprinkle highlighted four aspects of the ancient church that seems difficult in the modern church and here are two of them:
1 – Early church viewed ALL as church family.
“In the first century, the family unit extended far beyond the nuclear family and was held together by an unconditional bond of commitment and service. You didn’t have to like your relatives, but you were expected to love them.
It’s within this context that Jesus and Paul blew open the doors of the home and welcomed in all believers as brothers and sisters. They created a new focus on the family that extended far beyond one’s nuclear relatives and included people of every race and social strata who gave their allegiance to the risen Christ.”
2-How we spend our money
Sprinkle states that most churches today show 1-2% of their budget dedicated to helping the poor and in the best case churches hope to show 10%. Most budgets are dedicated to salaries and buildings and in the early church neither was true. No salaries, no mortgages! Paul wrote more about giving to the poor than he did about Justification By Faith.

I share this article because many folks wonder why we are not more like the early church and they tell me this internet thing is just ridiculous. Looking at Sprinkle’s article we may need to be more like the early church in theology but none of us want to be trapped in the 20th century technology.

Billy Graham made great use of the modern technology of his time. I have shared that it was after a Billy Graham movie at Laurel Main Street Theater that I went forward and answered the call to Christ and I was met there by a local church volunteer. Dr. Graham used television and sports stadiums to advance the Gospel both methods were considered really modern and way out at the time. Jesus calls us to be disciples and to make disciples and the internet is the number one place that all people meet in the 2015 society and when they get there the Dorsey Emmanuel/Wesley Chapel local ministers will be there to meet them.

That is the Church!