Our Church

“Christ Centered, Growing Relationships, Serving in Mission”

Our Purpose:

“Serving God by serving families through Faith, Food, and Fellowship”

Our Mission:

•We exist under the guidance of God to bring together individuals who desire a relationship with Jesus Christ.
•Through the study of the Bible we seek to become his committed disciples.
•We are commissioned to offer Christ to others through the power of the Holy Spirit.

About being a Reconciling Congregation:

The people of Dorsey Emmanuel are called to share God’s love as we minister with and to all persons in
our community and beyond, providing worship, nurture, fellowship, and service. Our welcome knows no boundaries. We invite and welcome all persons of every age, gender identity, racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, marital or socioeconomic status, nationality, and physical or mental ability into full participation in the life of this faith community.

We embrace and seek to preserve the beautiful, amazing diversity of God’s creation and recognize the sacred worth and dignity of all persons.

As we journey toward reconciliation, we proclaim this statement of welcome to all who have
known the pain of exclusion and discrimination within the church. We welcome all persons to full
participation in the life and ministries of Dorsey Emmanuel United Methodist Church.

In celebration of our diversity, we recognize that there may be differences of opinion among us. We do not seek to erase our differences. We welcome all in our journey together in faith toward greater
understanding and mutual respect.

As a Reconciling Congregation, we believe that we are being reconciled to God and to one

Founded: May 20, 1850

“All this is from God, who reconciled us . . . through Christ, and who gives us the ministry of reconciliation.” II
Corinthians 5:18.