Summer Fun and Outreach

It’s been fun to see pictures of our members and friends on vacation posted on Facebook, but wouldn’t it be interesting if we either brought pictures to Church for a bulletin board or have you share them on the Church Facebook pages.  Your family vacation could be shared by sending pictures to Verna or Rick and we can add them to our Facebook page.

As for the Outreach and Mission pictures at present only A.C.T.S. has those pictures.  What can we do about it?  Send us your picture when you participate in mission or when you share the story of our parish with someone else not already attending our churches.

In addition you could help us plan an OUTREACH Activity like free bottles of water at the local sports park, conduct a prayer walk in your neighborhood, have your neighbors to an ice tea, iced coffee or hot coffee or movie night  get together. Your imagination is the only limit and you can always Team Up with another family.  Remember we have a great fire pit in the Prayer Garden at Dorsey.

A.C.T.S. Calendar

  • August 5 Boating Morning @ Centennial Park – Meet at Dorsey 10am
  • August 19 Mission Day and Dinner Meeting – Meet at Dorsey 2pm

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  • Sunday July 23
    •    Worship @ Wesley 10am
    •    Worship @ Dorsey 11am
    •    Worship @ Lorien Elkridge 2pm
  • Monday July 24- July 28 Pastor at Seminary
  • Wednesday July 26 Howard County AGAST Meeting 7pm
  • Monday Aug. 7 – Friday Aug 11 VBS @ Dorsey 6-8:30 pm


VBS, Children’s Ministry Team, Wesley Chapel Leadership Team, A.C.T.S., Naomi, Margaret B., Justin O., Cheryl S. family, Lois F., Frank and Arlene, Roy and Betty, Charles and Eleanor, Tammie and family


  • How are you living out your faith?
  • Invited anyone to church?
  • Invited anyone to VBS?
  • Volunteered to work with VBS?
  • Encouraged anyone to join A.C.T.S.?
  • Made a new relationship in your community?
  • Decided to join a house group?
  • Decided to lead a house group?
  • Volunteered for the church audit team, serve Holy Communion, lead worship, PREACH?
  • Thought about baptism or church membership?


Let’s work and worship together to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!


See you in church and church can happen ANYWHERE!

**Songs of Summer Sunday Sermon for July 23Great Are You Lord!**