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Season of the Saints – THANKSGIVING

From the white robes of Revelation 7 to the stories of Saints in Joshua, we arrive at THANKSGIVING of the Saints this Sunday.  In the last two weeks I have challenged some traditional views of what is important to our society versus what is important to joining the Great Cloud of Witnesses and it is interesting that although I saw some questioning looks during the service I haven’t had any challenges or questions.  Please know that talking back in worship is not a problem and questions and challenges after the service are actually encouraged.  We cannot be true disciples of Jesus Christ until we challenge the status quo and go as deep as we can into understanding the Word of God.

If you missed the message check us out on the website at Dorsey or the Facebook Live broadcast from Wesley Chapel!

I again challenge you to seek partnership with your employer, neighbor, friends and family as we prepare to serve over 20 families food for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We will need folks to partner with us to help with Christmas gifts for Deep Run Elementary.  We are serving a teacher appreciation dinner at Deep Run on Tuesday evening during parent conferences and could use one or two crock pots of chili and or salad and drinks and even servers.  A.C.T.S. needs dinner or snacks for THIS Saturday at 5pm.   Hungry Baby could always use more diapers and wipes.  Our AOET sponsor child, Gloria in Uganda, always would like letters.  The United Methodist Board of Childcare would like you to fill your red stockings with lots of quarters and paper like checks and dollars.

Church, you are being called – not by me – but by the God who gave his Son so you could one day join the Communion of Saints in white robes , with stories and thanksgiving to be disciples and not just church members.  Last Sunday we read trust the Lord WHOLEHEARTEDLY.  Where are you in the wholehearted relationship with the Savior of the world?


Saturday A.C.T.S. Meeting 5pm @ Dorsey

Sunday Worship – Wesley 20am, Dorsey 11am, Lorien 2pm

Monday – Thanksgiving Food Basket Preparation 6pm @ Dorsey

Tuesday – Teacher Appreciation Dinner @ Deep Run Elementary 5pm

Wednesday – Thanksgiving Eve Worship for he Rt. 1 Corridor UM Ministry 7pm @ Wesley

Thursday – THANKSGIVING – not for Turkey, football and family but for God sending His Son to be the Savior of the World

Sunday Nov. 26 Christ the King Worship (Last day in the church calendar) 10am @ Wesley, 11am @ Dorsey

Saturday Dec. 2 Hanging of the Greens @ Wesley Chapel 9am Coffee and breakfast snacks

SATURDAY Dec. 2 LIVE NATIVITY @ Glen Mar A.C.T.S. sponsored trip.  Looking for hot chocolate and snacks to follow at one of the churches

Sunday Dec. 3 FIRST Sunday in Advent – Worship 10am @ Wesley, 11am @ Dorsey, 2pm @ Lorien


Betty N., Eleanor O., Chris, Rhian and baby, Jessica P.., Carol B., Donald M., Richard W., Richard M., ROCK and A.C.T.S., Harvest Home Food Ministry, Hungry Baby, our church members growing into Disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world!

Make worship a priority… yes even over education, sports, music, fame and fortune!  After all – it is for eternity!


Is Prayer Action Enough?

In the last several weeks it seems like tragedy is the only news.  Before one tragedy can be reported on another has occurred and resources to help seem limited or extremely stretched – so we pray.  Yet The Bible says that prayer should come first and that without prayer how do we know God’s will for our lives in this season?   I also hear others say stop praying and do something which makes some of us feel inept especially if we are physically or financially unable to provide help.

Prayer is never worthless and is often our best choice especially to discern the will of God.  Prayer needs to be more common and a greater priority in our own lives as well as the life of our church, neighborhood and country.  I just read a Facebook post by a friend who quoted Pastor Jim Cymbala, a 19th century evangelist, who said:

“You can tell how popular a church is by the attendance on Sunday morning.  You tell how popular the preacher is by attendance on Sunday night.  You can tell how popular Jesus is by attendance at the weekly prayer meeting.”

I found this to be a pretty inditing commentary especially since it was written in the 19th century.

So, where is your prayer life – is it morning, evening or mid week?  Do you have regular conversations with the Lord?  Do you believe that prayer is priority and that it changes things and or you?

Every time Jesus experienced a threat in his ministry and every time he needed to make a big decision he would go to pray, sometimes alone, sometimes with others.  Jesus is not only the Savior of the world but his life was an example for how we are to live our lives.

Let us pray for Las Vegas, Mexico City, Florida, Texas, The Islands including Puerto Rico.  Let’s pray for victims and perpetrators,  single, married, separated, divorced, young, old, middle aged.  I could go on listing, but hopefully you get the message – PRAY for all and seek Jesus as primary in your life, then make room for the Holy Spirit to begin transformation.



Sunday Worship – 10am @ Wesley, 11am @ Dorsey, 2pm @ Lorien

Tuesday Nights – Life Bread 6:15 Dinner, 7 pm Groups

Saturday Oct. 21 ROCK Planning @ Conference Center 10am

Saturday Oct. 21 – UMW Pit Beef Sale Noon – 2 @ Dorsey

Sunday Oct. 21 – Pumpkin Decorating Festival 1-3pm @ Wesley

Sunday Oct 29 – Trunk or Treat @ Dorsey

Saturday Nov. 4 Annual Church Conference 11am @ First UMC Laurel

Saturday Nov. 4 Mission Central Trip leave from Melville Chapel 7am


Together we can share Jesus and transform the world!


Church: What, Why, and How?

Ever think Church was a waste of time?

Do you think Church is a required event for salvation?

Maybe you are one of those folks who think Church is outdated since there are plenty of preachers on radio and TV.  Maybe you have no real idea why we have Church or why anyone should go to church?  How about this – does denomination matter? What does the Bible say about church and the behavior of the Church?

Beginning this Sunday we will spend the next three weeks talking about the ‘What, Why and How’ of Church, according to the Bible, and I think you might be surprised.  Worst yet, if we used that measure for Church found in the Bible, we might be very disappointed at our Church evaluation score.

Join Us every Sunday as we challenge our Church to be more like the true Church described in the Bible as we grow our parish in ministry and members.

A.C.T.S. and Kairos Prison Ministry Team will be using the Church this Saturday so you will see a lot of cars in and out.  WE are fortunate to have a Kairos team at Dorsey and to see our Amazing Christian Teens in Service.

A.C.T.S. will meet at 2pm to go to two different locations to do mission work.  We will return at 5pm for dinner provided by Donna Benzing along with a guest speaker who will share his testimony of growing up in a less than perfect situation – from soldier and war, to a severe car accident and now cancer – all while living a life trusting Jesus.  He is also a youth leader at Celebration Church in Columbia for their group called W.I.N.D.  Don’t miss our meeting and dinner and bring a friend to hear Donovan share his testimony.



Kairos @ Dorsey Thursday – Saturday

A.C.T.S. Saturday 2-6:30

Sunday Worship – Wesley 10am, Dorsey 11am, Lorien 2pm

Wednesday – Howard County AGAST 7pm Owen Brown Interfaith Center



Wesley Chapel needs money and or school supply donations right away for two back packs at Jessup Elementary

Dorsey Emmanuel needs prayer boxes filled for teachers at Ducketts Lane Elementary

Pastor has a homeless situation that he often needs food and money for a room.



Bob J., Naomi, Dan S., Charles O., Clifton, Jessica, Bill W., Wendy M., Ann M., A.C.T.S., Children’s Ministry, Hungry Baby Mission, our partner schools


Make church happen in your neighborhood!


One light

“Tell me how it is that in this room there are three candles and but one light, and I will explain to you the mode of the divine existence.”

– John Wesley

At any price…

“I want to know one thing, the way to heaven; how to land safe on that happy shore. God Himself has condescended to teach the way; for this end He came from heaven. He hath written it down in a book. Give me that book! At any price – give me the Book of God!”

John Wesley