Pastor’s Note

This Sunday we begin discussing the Seven Deadly Sins:


These seven deadly sins were taught by the ancient church and have been part of the catechism of several denominations.  We will look at a little history but a lot of what the Bible says about how these seven sins fit into our lives in 2015.  Lent begins Feb. 18 Ash Wednesday which begins a period in the Christian calendar when we focus on repenting of our sins so we grow closer in our relationship with Jesus.  Plan on joining in worship Ash Wednesday at Wesley at 7pm.

This week we have several of our friends and church family in need of additional prayers.  Last night Carolyn Brooks from our Dorsey family was admitted to Howard County General and is still there for blood pressure concerns but no cause has yet to be found.  Cheryl Smith and her husband Smitty from our Wesley family need prayer as Smitty is recovering from surgery.  In addition Cheryl’s former father in law Mitch Frye died today and her sons and former husband can use our prayer and support.  Marvin Bladen is improving at Sunrise and Dot Scruggs is recovering from the flu.

Special thanks to the trustees at both churches as we continue to enhance your worship experience by
improved and more efficient lighting at Wesley and a great survey of facility improvements at Dorsey.

See you Sunday in worship!

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