Pastor’s Note

Many of us who grew up in the protestant tradition probably didn’t hear much about the Seven Deadly Sins and their roots in our theology.  Yet those who may have had a different theological upbringing may have heard more than we wanted to about the Seven Deadly Sins

Beginning Sunday Feb. 8 The Dorsey/Wesley Parish will get to discuss all of the Seven Deadly Sins as they relate to our faith walk in 2015.  Each Sunday we will discuss a different one of the Seven Deadly Sins beginning with Pride on Feb. 8.

This Sunday we will end our sermon series “What’s Next?” with a message on “The Power of the Next Steps”, scripture memory, holy communion, baptism, membership, and sharing your testimony.  In the bulletin will be a commitment card to sign-up for instruction for baptism and  membership as your decision to fulfill “What’s Next” in your life.

Last Sunday we had our third dinner and movie night at Wesley Chapel and it has been a long time since I laughed as hard and as long as I did while watching Mom’s Night Out.  What a great comedy with a Christian theme.  If you haven’t joined us for Dinner and Movie Night you should really make it a point to mark your calendar for the next one.

I have heard some exciting ideas arising out of our Leadership U Training session two weeks ago and I am really excited to see several people taking ministry leadership positions for the first time.  The trustees at both churches have jumped into their ministries with both feet.

Wesley Chapel has new energy efficient lighting in the sanctuary and the kitchen.  We are now using as much wattage overall as we were in one light in the sanctuary.  In addition the trustees are taking bids for rest room renovations so we will be more welcoming to visitors and members as well as ADA approved.

Dorsey has created a list of prioritized projects that are being delegated to a variety of individuals thereby creating more ministers with more input into managing our buildings and properties.  Also Donald is scheduling a meeting with the county for final approval on the education building renovations.

W.O.V.E.N. in Christ is another example of the leadership taking charge and creating another opportunity to study God’s Word. 

Check out our Facebook pages here and here to learn more.

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