Does your role define you? 

Sunday we challenged men, women, youth and children to be inspired by the Wonder Woman of Proverbs – so how is it going?  Sure, we made reference to the summer movie hit Wonder Woman but we were really concerned about becoming the Wonder Woman/Man/Person of God.  If you were not in church on Sunday checkout the online message connected with the Dorsey Facebook and website then start looking at your life through the lens of Proverbs 31.

What defines you?  Are you defined by your relationships or lack of relationships?  Parents – are you either intentionally or unintentionally encouraging your children to see their value through human relationships when really the only relationship that matters for you and your kids is the relationship you have with Jesus.

Does your role define you?  I am a mom, dad, husband, wife, computer geek, musician, athlete, etc.  Often the world tells us that all we are called to be is a parent or spouse and if that is true then what are we when the kids grow up and we are no longer someones spouse?  In reality the only role that is essential to our identity is the role of a child of God.

Are you defined by your reflection?  I need to dress like this because it is my identity.  Even our must rebellious kids choose to dress identical to their non-conforming group that unfortunately would reject them just like other groups as soon as they dress or act at all different.  Does your reflection tell you that you are not worthy of joy or success?  Does your reflection say that if you want to be in this culture you must act, dress, choose music and food to match or you don’t belong?  In reality, the only opinion that matters is God’s opinion and God thinks YOU are worth dying for!

Check out the five traits of a real Wonder Woman of God and remember that those traits are the traits that men should reflect in their lives and most of all teach to the young boys and men so they will seek those traits in their friends and relationships both male and female.


Roy, Betty and family, Charles and Eleanor, Almeda D., Naomi J., Leon P., Leon E., Cheryl Smith’s family, Doris, Al and family, all of the names on our church prayer lists, Our Hungry Baby Mission, Our VBS Team, Margaret B.  Pray daily for our community and government leaders.  Pray to be a Proverbs 31 influence on others.


Sunday Message – O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing!

How are you living out your faith?

Invited anyone to church?

Invited anyone to VBS?

Volunteered to work with VBS?

Encouraged anyone to join A.C.T.S.?

Made a new relationship in your community?

Decided to join a house group?

Decided to lead a house group?

Volunteered for the church audit team, serve Holy Communion, lead worship, PREACH?


Let’s work and worship together to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!


See you in church and church can happen ANYWHERE!