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I have seen …

“I have seen (as far as it can be seen) many persons changed in a moment from the spirit of horror, fear, and despair to the spirit of hope, joy, peace; and from sinful desires, till then reigning over them, to a pure desire of doing the will of God.”

John Wesley

Guest or Member?

On Pentecost, Sunday June 4, we will be receiving NEW Members into our parish.  Some are coming in by letter of transfer from another United Methodist Congregation.  Some are coming from other denominations and, hopefully, some of the new members will be making the decision to join the Dorsey Emmanuel/Wesley Chapel Parish because they have decided that just doing church is not enough to continue on the path to true discipleship in Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in transferring membership you need to contact the United Methodist church where you were confirmed or last held membership and they will send a letter to me at the church address and we will then receive you on the 4th.

If you are in one of the other two categories I will be holding a new member instruction class on Sunday May 21, 2017 6:00-8:00 pm at Wesley Chapel to discuss what it means to be a member of the church versus a guest and to offer you the opportunity to discuss theological differences that may or may not agree with your beliefs.

You need to let the Pastor know if you are interested in becoming a member so I can prepare accordingly.

Membership is a big step in your decision to be a disciple versus a guest and, if transferring, is a statement of your commitment to the ministry of our parish.



PARENTS with students A.C.T.S. age PLEASE show them the activity schedule in the last newsletter and add the dates to your calendar to be supportive of your young adult being involved in growing their faith and discipleship.  Being a Christian parent means to value raising a Christian family.

REMINDER – Pastor is preparing for school and is spending a lot more time in the home office preparing assignments so if you or someone you know is in need of a visit or contact please let the Pastor know.  If it is someone you know remember that we have one pastor but many ministers and and your call or visit is just as valuable if not more so.


Check out the Announcement Sheet, Facebook, or our Website for special events on our calendar.


THIS SUNDAY is Mother’s Day and Wesley Chapel has professional photographer coming to take FREE family portraits after worship so invite the entire family for a special Mother’s Day Photo Op.  The event will continue until after the worship ends at Dorsey so ALL families in the parish can take advantage of this opportunity.  For those new to Dorsey Emmanuel our sister church Wesley Chapel is less than 10 minutes from Dorsey and there will be refreshments.

FINALLY, A.C.T.S. (Amazing Christian Teens in Service) have applications for yard and house work for those in need and will work on at least one location every month beginning in June.  If you or someone you know is need of this kind of mission outreach please ask one of the A.C.T.S. leaders or members for an application which must be returned by June 1 so we can review them and schedule them.  A.C.T.S. is a four church youth ministry so apply early.  And yes, when we are doing projects we will take all additional help once the schedule is posted.


See you Sunday!


What do you use to fill “Empty”?

Last Sunday we expanded our celebration of the Empty Tomb by beginning a sermon series on emptiness in our lives followed by a group movie event to see The Case for Christ.

It is interesting that many times Christians as well as others feel empty in their lives and feel the need to keep it to themselves or worse yet to punish themselves because there must be something wrong with them, especially if they are a Christian.  Yet we can find instances in the Bible where people were empty in their lives, their finances, their family relations and never did Jesus turn them away.  Never did Jesus say go fix yourself!  Jesus said come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  In that spirit we will spend the next few weeks looking at areas of life that often seem empty and challenge each other as to what we are using to fill that emptiness and discuss how it is working and see what The Bible says we should use to fill that emptiness.

This past Sunday we looked at the statement “My Life is Empty” and determined that the emptiness in our life we often believe can be filled by worldly things and pleasures and when we try those fillers they are short lived and usually lead to more problems.  That emptiness can only be filled Jesus.

This week we look at the statement “The Earth is Empty” as we follow up on Earth Day 2017.  We often look around at the world or the environment and see desolation and extinction and we again choose some answers that on paper look good but are those answers really the best scientific answers much less the best Biblical answers?

The third week we look at the statement “My Checkbook is Empty”; now I understand that I may have to take a few minutes and teach what a checkbook is to our e-finance generation, but the problems with debt and how to get out of it are the same for paper check writers and ETR specialists.  Join us as we discuss what the Bible really says about debt.

Finally on Mother’s Day we will look at the statement “My Marriage/Family is Empty”  On this day at Wesley Chapel there will be FREE family portraits taken after worship and the photographer is staying so folks at the Dorsey Church can go over right after worship and have their photo taken too.  Invite the whole family to church so they can be part of the special memory photo.


Tuesday May 2 Life Bread Small Groups @ Dorsey Dinner 6:15, Group 7 pm

Thursday May 4 National Day of Prayer – Pastor will be in Annapolis at the Governor’s Celebration

Saturday May 13 Mother/Daughter Tea at Melville Chapel – Check out Facebook Ad



Lisa Maloney and the 7 Mile Walk with Jesus Team, Roy and Betty, Frank and Arlene, Charles and Eleanor, Rodney and Mary Truscott, Bev H., Tony L., A.C.T.S., Lois F., Doris L., Princella W., Clifton and Jessica, Amie, Nathan, and Abby, Mike K., Leon E., Naomi and Bob, Margaret B., Almeda D.

Holy Week and Easter Celebration

It was a great Holy Week and Easter Celebration!  Let’s not let it go!

On Holy Thursday we shared worship with Melville Chapel, Harwood Park and Wesley Chapel at Dorsey Emmanuel.  After a nice meal about 30 of us joined in worship and Holy Communion led by Pastor Joanna from Melville Chapel, Pastor Rick from Dorsey/Wesley, CLM Verna Prehn from Dorsey/Wesley and the choir from Melville Chapel joined by members of the Dorsey choir.

On Good Friday over 35 members and guests of the same four churches joined in worship at Wesley Chapel this time led by Pastor Cynthia Belt from Mt. Zion/Harwood Park, Pastor Rick and numerous lay people from all of the churches.

On Saturday Dorsey Emmanuel held the Annual Easter Egg Hunt attended many kids and adults.  We had some great community business sponsors:  Texas Road House Restaurant in Pasadena donated 100 filled eggs, certificates for free food and special recognition which we will also use during our VBS.  We also are very thankful for Frank’s Produce partnership for the fruit and Weis Markets for their food donations.

Please take time to stop by these business and patronize them and, even more important, tell them thank you and that you are from Dorsey Emmanuel.

Saturday evening also celebrated ice cream, fun, devotion, and business with the new Amazing Christian Teens in Service (A.C.T.S.) as we planned out our spring and summer fun and mission calendar.  If you know a middle school or high school student then ask them to join the rest of us as we continue to grow and oh yea get a real cool black and neon T-Shirt.

Community Easter Son Rise was again an enjoyable worship as we shared with Jessup Baptist, Payne AME, and all four of our United Methodist Churches. 

Resurrection Sunday Worship at Wesley and Dorsey was celebrated by over 130 people and our final worship service of the day was at Lorien Nursing and Rehab Center in Elkridge and we shared with a dozen residents and their families.  One couple in particular was very thankful for our ministry.

So why stop now?  Sunday we asked you to see the cross through our own eyes and we highlighted that the message of the cross required Sacrifice, Commitment, Service and Cost.  As with all of God’s Covenants we are called to fulfill our end of the covenant so let’s grow together each Sunday, Tuesday Night Small Group, A.C.T.S. Ministry, Our Daily Bread Mission Team or any aspect of our joining together as the Body of Christ.


This Sunday (4/23) we begin a sermon series entitled “Empty” and before you feel too down and out realize that “empty” is often the feeling one has particularly after a high worship time like Holy Week and Easter. But this feeling is often present in our lives and some think Christians just shouldn’t feel this way so how do we get out of the empty feeling?

This Sunday we acknowledge and Discuss that “Sometimes My Life Feels Empty” even after Easter.


April 30 will focus on “Sometimes Our Earth is Empty” as Earth Day will have just passed.

May 7 will focus on “Sometimes My Checkbook is Empty” as many of us try to plan our finances for the summer or our children’s schooling in the fall.

May 14 (Mother’s Day) closes the series with “Sometimes My Marriage/Family is Empty” since this day is celebrated in the United Methodist Church as Mother’s day and Celebration of the Christian Home.

On this day there will be several family celebrations not the least of which will be FREE Family Portraits at Wesley Chapel.  Maybe it has been awhile since your family had a true family photo together so invite the whole family to church and after worship join us for coffee and we will have a photographer ready to take your family photo.


As I close the message today we continue to ask prayers for those who are grieving as today we lay to rest another beloved long time member of our parish.  At 2pm today we will celebrate the life of Juanita Shipley at Kaufman’s Vermillion Funeral Chapel.



Saturday April 22 – Earth Day. If you’ve never seen the Rain Garden at Dorsey Emmanuel go over and check it out.

Tuesday April 25 – Life Bread resumes Small Groups @ Dorsey Emmanuel 6:15 meal, 7 pm groups

Thursday April 27 Church Council @ Dorsey Emmanuel 7pm

Thursday May 4 – Governor’s National Day of Prayer @ Navy Marine Corps Stadium


Prayers – Kevin F., Charles and Eleanor, Leon E., Naomi and Bob, Lois F., Shipley family, Margaret B., Almeda D., Carol B., all of the names on our published prayer list, A.C.T.S. Ministry, Hungry Baby Ministry, Gloria our AOET sponsor child.


Let’s make disciples for the transformation of the world!  TOGETHER!



“Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergymen or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon Earth.”

John Wesley


This time next week I will be preparing for Ash Wednesday Worship at 7pm at Wesley Chapel.  Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, 40 days excluding Sundays before Easter, when we are to reflect on our walk with the Lord and use the time to focus more than usual on repentance and prayer.  Many times this involves giving up something we do, eat etc. that may be detracting from our relationship with God.  Sometimes we take on a new focus on prayer, scripture reading and study etc.   I think Lent is especially important to remind us that although God meets us in the person of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit where we are and as we are that relationship is based on our willingness to seek forgiveness and accept the Salvation of Jesus Christ by turning away from our sins and living our lives in Christian service as we grow in Sanctifying Grace.  For Wesley, salvation was not one moment or one experience, but a life-long process of becoming more and more like Christ. Lent is a period in the church to remind us that although God loves us we are responsible for seeking forgiveness of our sins and living out our faith.  I hope you are planning on joining us for worship next Wednesday as we celebrate the season of Lent.

Prior to Ash Wednesday we join together for Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras.  Shrove is a derivation of the English word Shrive which refers to absolution of sins through confession.  Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras refer to the tradition of eating rich foods before the period of fasting from many of those foods during Lent.  Our parish will join with Harwood Park UMC to eat pancakes and celebrate Mardi Gras at Harwood Park between 5 & 7pm.

During Lent our Sermon Series will be “Who do YOU say I am?”  Each week will look at an “I Am” statement in scripture and discuss how it relates to each of our lives.  However due to the snow we will complete our “Get Fit” series first.  This Sunday we will be talking about Christian Relationships and how to improve our Relationship Fitness.  This is part one of two parts because the next Sunday is Valentine’s day and we will have “Relationships Part 2 – Let’s Get Intimate”.  That’s right we will spend the morning talking about what the Bible has to say about our most intimate relationships.

Congratulations to our own Brandon Dix who went swimming in the Chesapeake Bay last Saturday and raised over $700 for the Special Olympics.  Special congratulations to his dad and grand dad who challenged him to go back and actually put his head under and he did!  Brandon is a sophomore at Long Reach High School.

Since we are celebrating our youth I want to challenge all of our youth and their families to commit in the next week to join me in Ocean City March 18-20 for the Metro-Maryland Youth For Christ IMPACT Retreat.  The sooner I have commitments the more money we can save on registration and the sooner we know how many groceries and chaperons we need.  You can check out the event here.  You can also find past conferences on YouTube.  This event attracts over 3000 young folks and adults from all over Maryland.

In His service!

Ever Feel Desperate for God?

As I occasionally do I am going to share an article from this week’s edition of Relevant Magazine.  In the last few days we have read about people being desperate for snow plows, warmth, food, parking places (with and without a chair), and maybe even a few parents desperate for school to start again.  But today I read an article that talks about being “Desperate for God” which is a term I have heard used over the years and thought that it reflected a huge desire to have a close relationship with the Lord but after reading Graham Cooke’s article in Relevant Magazine I am rethinking ever using the phrase again.  Read what he says about the phrase and how it can be misunderstood:

A while back, I was visiting a friend of mine named Steve. Steve has two young daughters, who were 4 and 6 years old at the time. Steve had to leave the room to take a phone call, and while he was out of the room I overheard the 6-year-old tell the 4-year-old they were “going to church tomorrow.”
Without missing a beat, the 4-year-old said: “We don’t go to church, we are the Church. That’s because we are in the Kingdom.”
And the 6-year-old asked, “What’s the Kingdom?”
“The Kingdom is the rule of heaven here on earth,” said the 4-year-old.
When you hear conversations like this one between children, you realize there is no “junior” Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that can talk to an apostle can talk to a 4-year-old girl.
That 4-year-old gets that the Church comes out of the Kingdom. The Church is governed by the Kingdom.
A lot of us live the other way around. We see the Kingdom as something that comes from the Church. From this perspective, the Kingdom only happens sometimes, if the Church is doing its job right. God will show up occasionally, and then He disappears until He decides to stop by again.
But, in Jesus, God doesn’t just “show up” anymore. Instead, we have God living inside of us. We are in Christ and Christ is in us. It’s the difference between what I call a “visitational culture” and a “habitational culture.”

Cooke closes his article by saying that “desperate” is how people feel when they are not sure if they are ever going to get what they are seeking.  He highlights that desperate just does not truthfully describe God anymore than “going to church” describes what the church really is. Cooke says, “I am not remotely desperate for God. I’m too busy just being delighted in Him.”

God is where we are all the time.  We do not have to run to God because he is not running away.  Emmanuel, God with us is who Jesus Christ is.  Sure, we sometimes have to slow down and look for where God wants us in a certain situation, but be certain that in your most joyous and desperate time God is with you through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

To read more of this story, click here.

Our New Years Sermon Series will continue in spite of tornadoes and snow.  This Sunday we will talk about being Physically Fit for God in addition to Spiritually and Financially Fit and hopefully closing out the series Feb. 7 with Getting Fit in our Relationships.

As a result of congregational input from the Financially Fit for God Sermon we are sponsoring a four part class on Financial Fitness with several financial experts.  This series of workshops is OPEN to Anyone!  You may invite your neighbors, coworkers, children, grandchildren and yourself.  This is a great opportunity being afforded us absolutely FREE!  We will even have the Consumer Credit Counseling Service leading the final night.  The amount of information you will receive would normally be provided at a fee but Janet has arranged the workshops FREE of charge.  Please do not ignore or miss this opportunity.
Topics included: How to Read a Credit Report, Identity Theft and Password Protection, Budgets, Saving, and all of the CCCS Services.

Financial Fitness Workshops (attendance at all is recommended but not necessary)
February 18, Feb. 25, March 10, March 17
7-8:30 pm @ Dorsey Emmanuel UMC

See you “as the church”!


Get Fit

We are continuing our sermon series on Get Fit.  Last Sunday was Get Fit – Financially, the first Sunday was Get Fit – Spiritually, This Sunday (I Hope) will be Get Fit – Physically, followed by the last in the series Get Fit – Relations.  If you haven’t been able to be at church, and attendance has been a little low, like the temperature and hopefully it will warm up and we all get to see you because we do miss you when you are not there.  In addition to the Sunday messages there will be at least two follow-up workshops at the end of the sermon series.  We are scheduling dates and times now for a Get Fit Financial Workshop and a Get Fit – Physical Workshop (this will not be an exercise class but an opportunity to discuss diet and exercise options as well as provide a forum for you to ask questions about diets and exercise plans you have heard about or tried and maybe not found successful and we will give you information about why or why not the diet and or workout plans may or may not be appropriate for you).  Relationships will be talked about more during the Valentines weekend worship service as we often do.  Spiritual discipline workouts can be joined Tuesday evening at Life Bread, every other Sunday at Living Christian in the UM Tradition Group or online at W.O.V.E.N. our Facebook study group.  Being FIT is not an event it is a LIFESTYLE!

I am in the process of registering our churches with WBAL TV/Radio for weather and emergency cancellations.  We will always post on our Facebook Pages but I wanted this opportunity for those not online or on Facebook.   Hopefully the predicted snowfall will not be as great as they are forecasting and we will not have to cancel worship and no one will be shut in for very long.  After all it is a Maryland snow prediction and could and often does change without notice.

THIS Sunday is also a very important night of training for ALL of our ministry leaders and is a great opportunity for those of you who are not yet in a leadership to come learn about church ministries.  This is required for ALL leaders 2016 leaders.   The training will be 6 pm at Wesley and finished at 7:30 pm.

See you Sunday and check on your neighbors, family and friends if the weather creates shut ins.