Get Fit

We are continuing our sermon series on Get Fit.  Last Sunday was Get Fit – Financially, the first Sunday was Get Fit – Spiritually, This Sunday (I Hope) will be Get Fit – Physically, followed by the last in the series Get Fit – Relations.  If you haven’t been able to be at church, and attendance has been a little low, like the temperature and hopefully it will warm up and we all get to see you because we do miss you when you are not there.  In addition to the Sunday messages there will be at least two follow-up workshops at the end of the sermon series.  We are scheduling dates and times now for a Get Fit Financial Workshop and a Get Fit – Physical Workshop (this will not be an exercise class but an opportunity to discuss diet and exercise options as well as provide a forum for you to ask questions about diets and exercise plans you have heard about or tried and maybe not found successful and we will give you information about why or why not the diet and or workout plans may or may not be appropriate for you).  Relationships will be talked about more during the Valentines weekend worship service as we often do.  Spiritual discipline workouts can be joined Tuesday evening at Life Bread, every other Sunday at Living Christian in the UM Tradition Group or online at W.O.V.E.N. our Facebook study group.  Being FIT is not an event it is a LIFESTYLE!

I am in the process of registering our churches with WBAL TV/Radio for weather and emergency cancellations.  We will always post on our Facebook Pages but I wanted this opportunity for those not online or on Facebook.   Hopefully the predicted snowfall will not be as great as they are forecasting and we will not have to cancel worship and no one will be shut in for very long.  After all it is a Maryland snow prediction and could and often does change without notice.

THIS Sunday is also a very important night of training for ALL of our ministry leaders and is a great opportunity for those of you who are not yet in a leadership to come learn about church ministries.  This is required for ALL leaders 2016 leaders.   The training will be 6 pm at Wesley and finished at 7:30 pm.

See you Sunday and check on your neighbors, family and friends if the weather creates shut ins.


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