What do you use to fill “Empty”?

Last Sunday we expanded our celebration of the Empty Tomb by beginning a sermon series on emptiness in our lives followed by a group movie event to see The Case for Christ.

It is interesting that many times Christians as well as others feel empty in their lives and feel the need to keep it to themselves or worse yet to punish themselves because there must be something wrong with them, especially if they are a Christian.  Yet we can find instances in the Bible where people were empty in their lives, their finances, their family relations and never did Jesus turn them away.  Never did Jesus say go fix yourself!  Jesus said come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  In that spirit we will spend the next few weeks looking at areas of life that often seem empty and challenge each other as to what we are using to fill that emptiness and discuss how it is working and see what The Bible says we should use to fill that emptiness.

This past Sunday we looked at the statement “My Life is Empty” and determined that the emptiness in our life we often believe can be filled by worldly things and pleasures and when we try those fillers they are short lived and usually lead to more problems.  That emptiness can only be filled Jesus.

This week we look at the statement “The Earth is Empty” as we follow up on Earth Day 2017.  We often look around at the world or the environment and see desolation and extinction and we again choose some answers that on paper look good but are those answers really the best scientific answers much less the best Biblical answers?

The third week we look at the statement “My Checkbook is Empty”; now I understand that I may have to take a few minutes and teach what a checkbook is to our e-finance generation, but the problems with debt and how to get out of it are the same for paper check writers and ETR specialists.  Join us as we discuss what the Bible really says about debt.

Finally on Mother’s Day we will look at the statement “My Marriage/Family is Empty”  On this day at Wesley Chapel there will be FREE family portraits taken after worship and the photographer is staying so folks at the Dorsey Church can go over right after worship and have their photo taken too.  Invite the whole family to church so they can be part of the special memory photo.


Tuesday May 2 Life Bread Small Groups @ Dorsey Dinner 6:15, Group 7 pm

Thursday May 4 National Day of Prayer – Pastor will be in Annapolis at the Governor’s Celebration

Saturday May 13 Mother/Daughter Tea at Melville Chapel – Check out Facebook Ad



Lisa Maloney and the 7 Mile Walk with Jesus Team, Roy and Betty, Frank and Arlene, Charles and Eleanor, Rodney and Mary Truscott, Bev H., Tony L., A.C.T.S., Lois F., Doris L., Princella W., Clifton and Jessica, Amie, Nathan, and Abby, Mike K., Leon E., Naomi and Bob, Margaret B., Almeda D.