JANUARY 6 is Epiphany or Three Kings Day.  This is the day the church celebrates the three kings or wise men arriving to see Jesus; probably at his home and most definitely not at the manger since Jesus was almost two years old at this point.

No matter what the location or actual timeline the message is that people of all socioeconomic groups came to worship Jesus much like the church of 2016.    What we can learn from this is that the Magi did not come to Jesus to get something out of him or like us coming to church to get something out of church.  They came and we come to Worship Him!  I’m not saying that our visit to church on Sunday should not give us some spiritual renewal through songs, the spoken word or the Lord’s Supper but we should be coming to church Sunday morning to WORSHIP a Savior who gave all for us even as we are yet sinners.

This Sunday we continue to work on our fitness for 2016.  Last Sunday we discussed Spiritual Fitness.  Which of the 8 Spiritual Fitness workouts have you begun?  I know the handout didn’t get printed so I am going to try to remember to attach it to this newsletter so you can review it.  Also remember that the sermons are on the church websites.  In fact I saw someone shared the message on Facebook this week and called it a lesson not a sermon.  There is nothing in life that is done well without a little practice and certainly not without intent so what are you doing to improve your Spiritual Fitness.

Join us this week for Financial Fitness.  You may ask how that has anything to do with church?  Well, in the past months we have discussed Financial Wellness and found that finances are one of the main reasons our personal and social relationships struggle and if that is the case how can we be truly Fit for 2016 if our focus is on a negative relationship with our finances.

Join us and see what The Bible has to see about being Financially Fit.


See you in church!


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