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Happy New Year!

As the world tries to tell us Christmas is over, remember: January 6 is Epiphany (or Three Kings Day) so the Christmas celebration continues!  However, time does move on, as do the Seasons of the Church, because in six weeks it will be Ash Wednesday and Lent will begin.

It has been a great Christmas season of worship and mission.  We fed over 100 people between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We provided Christmas gifts with the help of Solomon’s Masonic Lodge to over 30 kids and their families.  We continued to provide diapers and wipes through the Hungry Baby Mission and contributed to the United Methodist Board of Childcare through the Christmas Stocking Program.  UMW provided gifts and supplies to survivors of human trafficking through Howard County AGAST.  Combined Christmas Eve worship was over 140 and the Sunday after Christmas wasn’t too bad either.

On Sunday we begin a new sermon series entitled Get Fit!  Pretty appropriate for the New Year and considering your Pastor’s past career.  But this series is not limited to just the physical in fact this Sunday we are going to talk about getting Spiritually Fit followed by getting Financially Fit, then Physically Fit, and finally Relationally Fit.

Getting Fit Spiritually, Financially, Physically and Relationally is the perfect plan for the start of the new year especially since I believe our parish is sitting right on the edge of our next big growth step.  We have achieved a great mission ministry and now we need to grow ourselves and each other in all four of these fitness areas before we can jump to the next level of being the church of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Fitness or, as John Wesley called it, Discipline is essential to growing every other aspect of our lives.  When we grow spiritually our finances, self-image, and personal, family, church and community relations will also grow.  Make a resolution that THIS year you will read The Bible and join at least one study (not one day, one study) before June.

January 24 is leadership training night for the parish and will be held at Wesley Chapel, 6pm to 7:30pm.  This is required for all elected church leaders and is recommended for anyone interested in learning the leadership ministries and various opportunities in the church.

THIS SUNDAY is the Open House sponsored by the Pastor and Janet as a thank you for all the ministry support we have shared in the last year.  Oh yea and of course to continue the Christmas season all the way to Epiphany.  Please join us for at least a part of the time and bring your appetite!  1pm to 4pm.  Good news or bad news, depending on your view, there will be at least one wild game recipe.

See you at church!



Advent 4

It is almost hard to believe that it will be Christmas in 9 days.  I actually wish there was a little more time, not to shop, but to just be excited about the anticipation.  I mean watching the lights go up, lighting another candle every Sunday, listening to the music and looking at all the beautifully wrapped gifts.  Isn’t it interesting that most Christians don’t see the excitement in Advent and yet the prophet Micah prophesied the birth of the Savior to be born in Bethlehem 700 years before the actual birth of Christ.  Now that is a long Advent!

This past week the parish was really active.  Our children’s ministry team held a kids Christmas party on Saturday at Dorsey and that was a great success.  Sunday we celebrated worship together, sent a mission team to Our Daily Bread, went caroling at Frank’s Produce, and had a cookie exchange at Wesley Chapel.

This week we had our Tuesday Night Small Group Study and are preparing to finish our Angel Tree Shopping.  Solomon’s Masonic Lodge has given us $450 to purchase gifts for our Christmas Mission with Deep Run Elementary.  Stacy Dix has volunteered to do the remaining shopping for just a few angels not picked up by the church members.  Tonight I will be meeting with Howard County AGAST and delivering winter clothing for survivors thanks to our women’s ministry team.
This Sunday we will celebrate the last Sunday in Advent during morning worship by focusing on the shepherds and looking at how God is interrupting our lives this Christmas and every day.  How have you responded to God’s interruptions in your life?  Our response is what non-believers see as evidence that God is a loving God or not.


Join us for worship!

Advent 3

It is really hard to believe it is the third Sunday in Advent.  This Sunday we light the rose colored candle.  Check out the United Methodist website for details on the celebration of Advent using the wreath.

At the Dorsey/Wesley Parish we are going to continue our Series When God Interrupts by focusing on When Christmas Gets Messy – Ask Joseph.  This Sunday the choir will be singing at Dorsey and the Our Daily Bread Mission Team will be in Baltimore.

In addition to Our Daily Bread and Worship the parish Caroling Team- THAT’S YOU! – will be singing at Frank’s Produce on Old Waterloo Rd near Deep Run Elementary
 We will meet at Frank’s a little before 2 or you can meet at Wesley at 1:30 to car pool.  We will sing for about 30 minutes and then gather at Wesley Chapel for the Christmas Cookie Exchange at 3pm.  You may choose to take part in one event or both.  For the cookie exchange it is bring a dozen and take a dozen.  

On Saturday the kids have their day as Dorsey is sponsoring a kid’s Christmas Party 1-3pm.  All are invited.

This week the United Methodist Women met for their Christmas Party and I was honored to be included for a great meal and see the women joining in fellowship and mission.  Their mission project is to reach out and help survivors of Human Tracking.

Also this week we had a family related to Wesley Chapel and Solomon’s Masonic Lodge pay off a lay away account for our friend Jessica and her kids.  Our Angel Tree is almost empty but still time for you to take an angel and buy a gift for one of our Deep Run Elementary students.  We also could use donations to buy gift cards for families at Ducketts Lane Elementary and Karen Tavenner is taking those donations.

If you know a family that could use food this Christmas let Carolyn Brooks know.

I could not be more excited or proud of our parish the mission outreach we have accomplished:

  • Hungry Baby Mission
  • AOET sponsor Brian to attend University
  • Our Daily Bread Mission Team
  • UMW Pillow Case Dresses and flip flops
  • UMW combats Human Trafficking
  • Social Concerns feeds 70 plus at Thanksgiving
  • Community Partnership with Solomon’s Masonic Lodge
  • Transportation, food, bills paid, etc. for individual cases
  • Imagine No Malaria
  • Teacher Appreciation Dinner
  • Board of Childcare
  • Community Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Facebook Ministry

    Join us as we demonstrate that knowing Christ means living and acting as Christ!

    See you in church…wherever church occurs!

Advent Quiz

Advent Quiz

What favorite Christmas Carol was written by Charles Wesley?
___ White Christmas
___ Away in a Manger
___ Hark the Herald Angels Sing
___ I’ll Be Home for Christmas
___ Jingle Bells

The correct answer is… “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.”
Charles Wesley is said to have written more than 6500 hymns. The text for Hark! the Herald Angels Sing is based on Luke 2:8-14 and was set to a melody by German composer Felix Mendelssohn.

There is a different Advent question each day at and click Advent Quiz

This year our Advent/Christmas Sermon Series is based on the Biblical characters in the Bible and the series is entitled “When God Interrupts!”  Last Sunday Verna preached on Elizabeth and discussed the challenges faced by an older woman interrupted by God to have a child and then her husband Zechariah interrupted by God when he was told he could not choose the child’s name.  We know the child as John…The Baptist.
This Sunday we take a look at Mary and when Life Seems IMPOSSIBLE!  The next Sunday we look at Joseph When Life Gets Messy! The Final Sunday in Advent takes a look at the Shepherds and we look real close at “When God Interrupts!”  We also have a different family lighting the Advent Wreath each week and of course our chance to sing our favorite Christmas Carols.  Invite a guest and join us every Sunday.

THIS Sunday is a very busy day in the parish!

  • Wesley Chapel worship at 10am
  • Dorsey Emmanuel worship at 11am
  • Lorien Worship at 2pm
  • Blue Christmas Worship at Dorsey Emmanuel 6pm


Blue Christmas Worship is a special service that involves participation by everyone attending and focuses on the realization that the Christmas Season often brings some difficult memories and challenges.  Maybe your family is separated by miles or deployment.  Maybe your family is separated by divorce or death.  Maybe you and girlfriend or boyfriends are no longer together.  Maybe life just doesn’t seem to that Christmas Spirit This Year.  Whatever the reason you may feel a little “BLUE” this season join us as we acknowledge the reality of your feelings and hope to leave with a knowledge of God’s love that will get us through.

Join us this Christmas season when God interrupts us all and we decide to lead follow or get out of the way!  God already interrupted our Thanksgiving with 15 families in need of food and our parish responded by feeding them all, in excess of 70 people.  Our Angel Tree is already full of kids who need a Christmas and Solomon’s Masonic Lodge has decided to partner with our ministry again as they have our baby mission.  They have donated over $400 to bring Christmas to these kids.  Do you have a business or organization that would like to join us?  Ask!  All they can say is no.  Then what about each of us?  Will we respond to God’s interruption by choosing a name and buying things off their wish list?

See you in the Christmas Season!



What Does It Mean to Hear From God?

This week, as I have a few other times, the newsletter is going to focus on an article found in Relevant Magazine which can be followed online. 

The author of the Article I am sharing is

Confirmation Class reminder

Confirmation Classes Begin THIS Sunday at 6pm – 7:30 pm @ Dorsey
These are the classes that are designed for older elementary to high school age young folks to confirm their baptism and profess their faith in Jesus and become full members of the United Methodist Church. 
These are also the classes for the same age group that has not been baptized and desires to pursue baptism and full membership in the United Methodist Church.

Confirmation Classes meet 8 times and have a required overnight Retreat.  All class members are expected to be in worship on Sunday especially Easter Sunday when there is no class.

Adult Membership Class begins Sunday March 29 at 6pm to 7:30pm @ Dorsey
Class 2 – April 26
Class 3 – May 17
These classes are for adult aged folks who desire baptism, membership, and general knowledge of the theology of the United Methodist Church. 

Lenten Quiz!

Over the last few weeks I have been taking The Lenten Quiz here so I decided to share a few of the questions with you and let you see how you do.  I will send the answers later, if you remind me.

1. At the Last Supper the disciples would have been…
         – sitting
         – standing
         – kneeling
         – reclining
2. What snack food has significance during Lent?
         – Pretzels
         – Popcorn
         – Chocolate
         – all of the above
3. Why do some churches, like ours, hold Easter sunrise services?
         – Jesus is sometimes called the light of the world
         – the women are said to have come to the tomb in the early morning
         – Easter vigil prayers often ended as the sun rose
         – All of the above
         – None of the above
4. Why are eggs associated with Easter?
         – They symbolize New Life
         – They have a shell around a body inside just like the tomb was around Jesus body and was then cracked open.
         – They can be dyed pretty colors to represent joy, just like we have joy because Jesus is Risen
         – All of the above
         – None of the above
5. What does INRI mean on a crucifix?
         – Pontius Pilate, Prefect of Rome
         – Nazareth, Kingdom of Jesus
         – Sign of Cross
         – Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews
Good Luck!