Lenten Quiz!

Over the last few weeks I have been taking The Lenten Quiz here so I decided to share a few of the questions with you and let you see how you do.  I will send the answers later, if you remind me.

1. At the Last Supper the disciples would have been…
         – sitting
         – standing
         – kneeling
         – reclining
2. What snack food has significance during Lent?
         – Pretzels
         – Popcorn
         – Chocolate
         – all of the above
3. Why do some churches, like ours, hold Easter sunrise services?
         – Jesus is sometimes called the light of the world
         – the women are said to have come to the tomb in the early morning
         – Easter vigil prayers often ended as the sun rose
         – All of the above
         – None of the above
4. Why are eggs associated with Easter?
         – They symbolize New Life
         – They have a shell around a body inside just like the tomb was around Jesus body and was then cracked open.
         – They can be dyed pretty colors to represent joy, just like we have joy because Jesus is Risen
         – All of the above
         – None of the above
5. What does INRI mean on a crucifix?
         – Pontius Pilate, Prefect of Rome
         – Nazareth, Kingdom of Jesus
         – Sign of Cross
         – Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews
Good Luck!

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